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Biographies are the hardest thing to write, but here we go. I've long known that user centric design has always been my career path but it's only since doing a MA in service design at the Royal College of Art have I realised that tackling public or social problems is what gets me out of bed in the morning. 

Service design has it's own meaning to each individual, and to me it is about balancing business needs and operability with the needs of the end user or customer. Service design is unique in the way it blends these needs to create a business case that understands the people, relationships, systems and processes... 

My journey as a service designer began whilst undertaking my BA in graphic design at the Arts University of Bournemouth where I discovered the concept of user centered design. After I graduated I joined Educational App Store, a startup focused on delivering curriculum assessed mobile applications for use within the classroom. This is where I became obsessed with creating a company that was very much focused on delivering the best service we could offer to customers but also from a business perspective how the company could run best operationally.


I am currently a post graduate service design student at the Royal College of Art seeking opportunties to tackle public or social problems. 



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