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End of Life care planning

As part of my masters in Service Design, myself and Lilith Hasbeck partnered with Royal Trinity Hospice. The charity wanted to expand the reach of their service. While also working towards a common goal in the end of life community, to break the taboo of talking about death and dying.

The project required us to conduct research with vulnerable users and discuss some very personal topics. We used a pop up stand at an event to hold conversations with 30+ users throughout 1 day of research. We structured conversations around storyboards to gain perceptions and understand barriers to users talking to loved ones about their end of life wishes. 

Testing prototypes at Bristol museums 'Death Fair'

The proposition

The proposition is based on one key insight from our research, people are either "talkers" or "planners". Planners wanted to jump in with the practical task-based aspects of end-of-life. Whereas talkers wanted ways in which to broker conversations with loved ones. 

Odds & Ends is a concept which responds to both these modes of engaging with end of live by offering a digital service to take care of planning activities but also a downloadable resource area to engage in conversations with love ones. 

This masters project was exhibited at the Royal College of Art degree show and won an AgeUK award for inclusive desig

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