Odds & Ends

Better end of life experiences

Building on my previous work with Royal Trinity Hospice myself and Lilith Hasbeck worked with the charity to define a new opportunity to expand the reach of their service. While also working towards a common goal in the end of life community, to break the taboo of talking about death and dying.

Testing prototypes at Bristol museums 'Death Fair'

The design

Bringing together the fragmented pieces of end of life planning, Odds & Ends is an online, all-in-one service that helps you to plan for and talk about death and dying. Odds & Ends picks you up at key life moments and advises you as to which documents are needed and when. As your life evolves and your circumstances change, so too does your Odds & Ends.

Helen Hamlyn award 2016
Helen Hamlyn award 2016

The project won an award from the Helen Hamlyn centre of design for inclusive design