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Apply for help to improve a home with no gas boiler

I was the Service Designer on both the Alpha & Beta phases for the Home Upgrade Grant. In the Beta I also shared the responsibility for the Interaction Design work.

The Home Upgrade Grant is a DESNZ policy to fund low income households who are not connected to mains gas to move to more sustainable fuel sources. The service helps homeowners to check their eligibility for the fund and to then be referred to their Local Authority who will conduct a home assessment before confirming suitability for the grant.

The project scope included the back office referral system for Local Authorities or their chosen delivery partners to download householder data and the GOV.UK citizen facing service. My responsibilities in the project included:

- mapping the proposed service blueprint to ensure the department understood how to run the service after the contract had ended.
- creating prototypes to test the usability of the back office system but also the csv data formats for local authorities
- creating clickable prototypes for usability testing with home owners
- supporting the user research process, with planning, recruitment, discussion guides, note taking and synthesis.
- iterating designs for both the back office system and homeowner site based on user research
- represented all the design decisions in a CDDO Beta service assessment (passed)

Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 09.02.11.png

GOV.UK service

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