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Trinity's House

Bringing end of life care to the high street

Royal Trinity Hospice are Britain's oldest hospice and are based in Clapham Junction, London. They have plans to open a centre North of the river to expand their facilities to reach parts of their catchment area they see less people engaging with their service's. Their brief to us was to envision how this new centre may look, what services they may offer, and how they can open their doors wider to more people who can benefit from their help. 

Research analysis, grouping topics by themes

The design

Working with Trinity we first developed the kinds of services they would like to offer using the research insights as starting points. We then tackled service provision by evaluating which services would be free for patients, which would be for appointment or drop in by paying customers and which would be open to the public. The service provision then informed how the space could be divided into three zones. A cafe and gallery space open to the public. A semi public garden and spaces for treatments or consultations. Finally a private space for patient care inspired by the incredible Maggie's Centres.

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